“After a being a fan of miz magick and her instagram posts regarding astrology crystals and cats for a while now I jumped at the opportunity to receive a reading from her. After a quick consultation in which I chose a tarot deck and style of reading (I chose the traditional Celtic cross!) she questioned what I wanted from the reading and got down to business. I have done a couple readings before but never online so was a bit unsure how it would go down. 

An hour later I received a link to a YouTube video which was nearly an hour long !! Wow! 

I was surprised at how in depth and accurate the reading was and it was conveyed with emotion and humour. Miz magick has a genuinely warm personality and it shone through during this reading reinforcing some feelings in my mind and my current situation and prompting some deep thoughts on my behalf. 

I would definitely recommend miz magick and her services to anyone. And one of the best things about her service is that you have the video of the recording there for ever! Which you don’t get with a reading in person!! “

A. Johnston

4.5/5 – EXCELLENT 

” This was my first tarot reading ever and I am so thankful that I was able to meet up with you to have it done in person! I really appreciate how you broke down the celtic cross spread for me before we even started and told me what each position meant prior to the reading and throughout the reading as well. You were very informative and I love how much I was able to learn about myself thanks to your reading.
I think it’s really cool that I had the option to choose the deck that I wanted you to use for my reading and the Arcanum tarot deck was absolutely beautiful. It was definitely the perfect deck for my reading! I love how you interpreted each card easily and accurately and that the entire spread resonated deeply with me. It is the next day after my reading and I continue to think about the cards you pulled for me and the messages that you were able to give me. They really hit deep both in my heart and mind. I also love the oracle decks you use at the end, it’s such a nice way to wrap up the reading! The oracle cards that I got were so on point, it gave me chills.
I’m so glad that I decided to get a reading from you, the entire experience was wonderful and gave me the reassurance that I was seeking and the little extra push that I needed about my life and the direction I am heading. The messages that I needed to hear definitely came through. I am so thankful to you for sharing your time, energy and gift with me and I look forward to working with you again! “


“I recently had an urge for a tarot reading because I had an emotional week of traumatic anniversaries and was feeling like I was lost and didn’t know where to focus and just wanted to hear what the universe would say. I’ve been following Aaryn on IG for about a year now and have loved her posts and her connection to crystals and cards. She had offered a few free one card readings over the course of the year and whenever I had taken advantage of it I was always so shocked by how spot on she and the cards seemed to be. It seemed like a cosmic connection and she could read my energy so well.

I reached out for a full reading and she advised on the different spreads and what they would entail. I chose the Celtic Cross spread since it fit in with my current desires and prediction requests. When I got the video she made for me I was BLOWN AWAY. She had such a professional set up, she walked me through how she shuffled and what the different positions of the cards meant.

The 10 card reading plus oracle card pulls was 45 minutes! I couldn’t believe how in depth and specific she was able to read the cards and speak to my current state of mind and situation. She offered insight to possible cross meanings of the cards and tied them all together in terms of what they meant when they showed up in the specific order. Her card decks are beautiful and her spirit is so loving. I cried watching the video because it was so accurate and the cards really were helpful. It was exactly what I needed to hear- although I may have subconsciously already known the truth- It helps to have the universe back you up and cement the action you should take. Aaryn’s kind nature but sassy spunk really shown through and helped to diffuse the negativity of some of the predictions (heart break?!? Again universe!!!).

I would highly recommend a reading by Aaryn she is extremely talented and very attuned to her decks. 10/10 would purchase another reading”.   

-E. Gaynor

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