Celtic Cross

This is the most commonly used tarot spread. With a total of 10 cards this spread gives you maximum clarity on any situation. This spread even takes into consideration things that have happened to influence your current situation. Highly recommended!

Price: 60$

What each card represents in the Celtic Cross Spread:

  1. The Present- what’s happening now
  2. The Challenge- what is affecting what’s happening now (card 1)
  3. The Past- events that led up to the present (card 1)
  4. The Future- what’s likely to occur within weeks or months
  5. As Above- current goals, aspirations, what you are consciously working towards
  6. So Below- what’s in the subconscious, underlying feelings
  7. Advice- a recommendation of how to approach the challenge (card 2)
  8. External Energies- people, events, or energies that are beyond your control and could be influencing the challenge or outcome
  9. Hopes and/or Fears- what you hope for as an outcome vs. what you fear as an outcome
  10. Final Outcome- where this situation is headed and how/if it will be resolved

*All readings come with free Oracle Guidance cards to round out the information given and can be done as a PDF and sent via email or recorded and uploaded to view as many times as you’d like.

Price: $60.00

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