How The F*ck Do I Read My Birth Chart Part IV

Hey…. Hi…. how y’all doing? (ME awkwardly slipping into the blog trying to pretend like it hasn’t been 4 months since my last post). I’m sure you guys have given up on me completely but guess what, MY SATURN placement will not let me just leave everyone hanging!  As promised, I am dedicating a brand-new […]

How the F**K do I read my birth chart Part III

So, you’re back for more huh? I mean, first of all, thank you! Second of all, I hate it when people say shit like “first of all and second of all” so let me stop myself before this goes too far. If you’re just seeing this and wondering wtf “Part III” even is, then I […]

How the F**k do I read my birth chart?! Part II

Welcome dear friends! If you are ready for the second installment of my multi-part series on “How the F**k do I read my birth chart” well than you’re in luck! I’m still feeling the motivation bug that lives deep in my being and makes random appearances from time to time, shocking the hell out of […]

How the F**K do I read my birth chart?!

This is a question I get all too often, and guess what guys…IM NO EXPERT! I have done my fair share of reading and research though, and I happen to be a master of organization and summerization! Thank you, Capricorn Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune… yea I know, that’s almost too much Cap, but […]

Things awesome people ask ME (!?) on Instagram!

After starting my tarot journey on social media, I found myself quickly welcomed into a fascinating community of people who share very similar interests and lifestyles to my own. I have been inspired daily and as it turns out I have also inspired (what? Me!?). As with anything you care about, I have nurtured my […]

What the hell is going on with Cancer Season, The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, and taking advantage of YOUR next power move!

I’m sure anyone who is remotely interested in astrology knows that we are amid eclipse season, retrograde season and… cAnCeR sEaSoN! I thought I’d take the time to explain these energies and highlight that beginning tomorrow we will experience a Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse in the Sign of Capricorn. To preface this as […]