How The F*ck Do I Read My Birth Chart Part IV

Hey…. Hi…. how y’all doing? (ME awkwardly slipping into the blog trying to pretend like it hasn’t been 4 months since my last post). I’m sure you guys have given up on me completely but guess what, MY SATURN placement will not let me just leave everyone hanging!  As promised, I am dedicating a brand-new post to Big Daddy Saturn. Don’t worry, Uranus gets a little bit of attention too (just how you like it wink, wink). It’s okay, you can laugh- no judgement here. Now that I’ve made sure everyone feels as awkward as I do let’s go ahead and jump right into the depth of Saturn and his beautiful rannngs and later we’ll gently slide into urANUS (okay I regret that and I apologize).


I’m sure we have all heard the term Daddy Saturn and if you hadn’t before, you’re welcome, I am a wealth of knowledge and I share freely. There is a mythological reason behind this- Saturn was named after the Roman titan god who was the father of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto! Now, picture an actual father figure and the rest should be easy to understand. Saturn in your birth chart rules responsibility and work ethic. Under the influence of Saturn your personality can be strengthened and disciplined. As the “father” its Saturn’s job to put us in situations we can work through ourselves, sometimes these situations can feel uncomfortable, but really its all in how you handle your shit. As the “Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” aka the only book I’ll ever quote from says- “In astrology Saturn is the planet of diligence, self-control, and limitation. Its domain is patience, stability, maturity, and realism. Its influence is stern and restrictive, cold and severe”. Alright! Super Fun! Dad mode for sure, kind of like your best friends jerk dad who made her call him ‘Sir” and in your head you were all like “geez, calm down Steve she’s just asking for another glass of Kool Aid”. Some other interesting facts about Saturn as a planet is that its huge and spins on its own axis. Its so far away from the sun it takes 29-30 years to make a complete orbit, however a day on Saturn is only 10 hours long! Think of it this way, the daily tasks need to be complete asap, but the reward is far off in the distance- very Saturny vibes here. Effort is what builds your character according to Saturn. Its important to note that Saturn should not be feared! “In its symbolic form, Saturn is our destiny. It rules fate, the things we cannot escape, and the payment we must make for what we receive”. Hopefully you have your birth chart in front of you or memorized by now, I mean you’ve had 4 months to look it over!

Saturn in Aries: This position is not the easiest one. You can be strong and powerful one minute then stubborn and solitary the next. Many will achieve success but only after setbacks and disappointments- can you handle that? Your hardest times come early in life until you develop strength in your character. Can suffer headaches or dental problems.

Saturn in Taurus: Taurus is known for their strong will and tenacious spirit. With Saturn in this position you take responsibility seriously and your determination is emphasized. There is a need to save money by putting it away either in savings, stocks, or real estate. This is because you have a fear of low resources- some may see this as you are being materialistic or selfish. The truth is though, when you do achieve material success you are generous with others. Can suffer from colds, soar throats, or thyroid issues.

Saturn in Gemini: This is a good home for Saturn. The sign of Gemini is very versatile, with Saturn here your intellectual side is emphasized, and sharp minds are deepened here. Sometimes you be cynical or too sarcastic but usually you have a good combination of wisdom and youthful desire for education. You will have a good sense for finances in this position and many have musical ability. Saturn-Geminis are susceptible to problems of the chest and lungs.

Saturn in Cancer: There can be an emotional and clingy dependence on others with Saturn in this sign. There is a love to overindulge in just about everything. There is a tenacity here though and this makes you wonderful at seeing things through to completion. Ambition and good business sense come easily to you. Family issues are present here, most likely with a mother figure. Some Saturn in Cancer natives will marry someone older than them to feel more secure. Prone to stomach or digestive problems, can become overweight.

 Saturn in Leo: This combination proves to be a difficult one with regards to emotions. On the one hand Leo is so exaggerated and on the other Saturn tones it down, a push and pull that is not harmonious. You are, however, proud and strong willed, self-assured and authoritative. You do well with responsibility and find it easy to organize people or activities. You fear being ordinary and strive to make dramatic impressions. Prone to high blood pressure and heart problems.

Saturn in Libra: In this position giving off good impressions comes easy to you. You know the balance of when to be aggressive and go for what you want, and when to be diplomatic. You may have a strong sense of artistic ventures and a large public life. Your desires to share or be close to others are suppressed here and this may lead to feelings of loneliness, however you may benefit from the stability of marriage. Susceptible to back injuries and kidney problems.

Saturn in Scorpio: Your personality is powerful with Saturn in this position. You have no problem understanding human motivation, and that makes it easy for you to assert control over others. Sometimes you may find obstacles regarding scandals in your love life. You may be drawn to secret love affairs and this brings emotional trouble into your life. Stay away from rumors and gossip. Once you have your eye on something you go for it until its yours. You always stay committed to your goals. You may suffer the loss of loved ones.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Patience and perseverance are lessons Saturn puts on natives of this sign. You may find that you always must work longer and harder to get success. The older and wiser you get the easier this becomes. There is much luck in careers such as law, writing, politics, or foreign affairs. You will always find it difficult to balance your need for security and order and your want for challenges and adventure. Be careful of accidents involving your hips or thighs.

Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn rules Capricorn so its power is STRONG here. You are independent, dedicated and ambitious. Others may see you as mean or authoritative, but you learn early in life to be self-sufficient. Not one to listen to advice you often do things the hard way, the good news is you learn from experience. Can be very melancholy but you have a witty or dry sense of humor. Its easy for you to attract faithful friends but difficult for you to keep a lover. Knees and Joints could be issues for you.

Saturn in Aquarius: Your qualities of trustworthiness and self-discipline are favorable. You can easily deal with anyone and even appeal to most everyone. You may even find yourself achieving fame in politics or the entertainment world. You are clever and can manipulate others into getting your way. You have a strong need for independence and sometimes this can lead to a lonely life. Be mindful of injuries to the lower legs and ankles.

Saturn in Pisces: The vivid imagination Pisces has will help be translated into creative work. You are sympathetic and have a strong intuition- others are drawn to you. Unfortunately, you are very sensitive to the bad things in life and you do not achieve material successes. There needs to be courage and determination to push through and let your talents shine. Learn not to be the cause of your own unhappiness. Philosophy, writing, and teaching of spiritual or occult is your strongest passions. You might be vulnerable to problems with the feet.

Feeling RESTRICTED YET? Well now that we’re done with that powerhouse of a planet lets move on to something a little less serious… J/K all the planets, placements, houses, aspects, etc. are serious so get over it, you’ve made it this far! There is a bit of good news though, Uranus is soooo different from Saturn. The Energy is exciting and all about change and surprise (I could make another butt hole joke here, but I think we’ve got our fill… ha ha). Uranus is the planet of originality and brings about sudden opportunity. “It awakens, shocks, and revolutionizes. It is responsible for the flash of human genius that creates something new, whether it be in art or science”. This planet has a lot to do with your feelings regarding modern science or the latest discoveries. Your unique self-expression can be explained by looking into your Uranus placement. “Uranus relates to your inner will and your secret power. In certain respects, its power is similar to Mars. The difference is that Uranus is deep seated energy within the personality, an unconscious purpose that is revealed over a lifetime- this designates what kind of genius you have”.  If we want to get spacey, Uranus has a total of 15 moons and 11 rings and a magnetic field that stretches for millions of miles. This planet also spins opposite on its axis from all the other planets… really going for the “unique gold” here.  Let’s see how weird you are and what Uranus looks like for you in your birth chart.

Uranus in Aries: You have an inventive and original mind. You like to be in charge and run the show. Sometimes you tend to be too blunt because you feel you know better than everyone else. With very little patience you make sure your ideas are put into action. Changing jobs often is normal for you and a love of travel makes you feel alive.

Uranus in Taurus: The influence of Uranus in this sign encourages willpower and determination. You get what you want with patience and a concentrated effort. There is a need to build and construct and attain. Lucky with finances, you may find yourself living a blessed life. Bright, bold colors and vivid patterns is your preferred style.

Uranus in Gemini: Here you have the power of ideas! You are smart and possess a big imagination. It is easy for you to convince others of your point of view. Most interests of yours tends to be offbeat in nature such as psychic phenomena or unexplained events of the past. There is an urge to express yourself in writing and speaking.

Uranus in Cancer: You have a very heightened sensitivity to others. Your imagination is strong and sometimes you might even feel that your subconscious can be close to psychic. Trust your intuitions because they are valuable. There is an artistic streak to your personality, and some may even call you eccentric in your behaviors.

Uranus in Leo: You prefer to take on leadership roles and sometimes can do it forcefully. There is a need to be the center of attention and this includes the way your ideas are presented. You even like to play her hero or heroine whenever given the opportunity because you want the credit and validation. Romantic relationships often bring new opportunities; however, you do like to be independent.

Uranus in Virgo: Your power comes from your ability to analyze and visualize. Facts are what’s most important to you and you have a gift of intuition and common sense. There’s a rebellious attitude towards restrictions and routines. Your greatest desire is to change the world and make it better. You will find luck in sudden work changes.

Uranus in Libra: Partnerships is where you express your power. You tend to have unusual relationships with people who may seem unconventional. Love affairs and marriages seem to start quickly and end just as abruptly. You make good first impressions because of your charm and strange or exotic tastes in fashion.

Uranus in Scorpio: In this sign you have a strong and magnetic personality. You use sexuality to get what you want, and you have a deep inquisitive thought process. With your will power you can move mountains and get the job done. You have a very intuitive knowledge regarding people or situations you are involved with. Sometimes you may be thought of as secretive or stubborn.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Adventurous and freedom loving. Anything overly organized or structured makes you run for the hills. Because of your need for independence you tend to be restless and sometimes reckless. Financial luck can be found through investments and travel. Uranus gifts you with a prophetic insight and you just know when something important is going to happen.

Uranus in Capricorn: Disciplined and structured energy gives you the power of success with whatever you do. You do not like to accept others as authority because you need to be in charge. You have confidence to break old ideas and move towards future trends. It is easy for you to organize people and they enjoy you for your sarcastic sense of humor.

Uranus in Aquarius: Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, so your originality and inventiveness are strongly emphasized here. You are quite genius and can easily make an impact on people. You tend to think only you are right, but you also believe in freedom of thought which makes you a strange blend. Friends and co-workers bring you success at work.

Uranus in Pisces: You have a talent for expressing human emotions in creative works. You have almost psychic awareness and your intuitions are extremely reliable. Many will study astrology, psychology, and the occult. Because of your sensitivity to everything around you it may cause you to withdraw from the world.

That’s it for now folks. Next time we will venture into our last two planets Neptune and Pluto. Hopefully it won’t take me 4 months to write about them. Thanks for reading! Hope you found this helpful and remember you can always DM me on Instagram @mizmagick for any questions regarding your birth charts and if you are wanting some insight on anything else metaphysical you can book a tarot reading with me right here on my website!

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