Things awesome people ask ME (!?) on Instagram!

After starting my tarot journey on social media, I found myself quickly welcomed into a fascinating community of people who share very similar interests and lifestyles to my own. I have been inspired daily and as it turns out I have also inspired (what? Me!?). As with anything you care about, I have nurtured my IG page, grown my following (not a ton, but more than I could’ve ever hoped for!), met some amazing people, and built my business! I started noticing a pattern of questions I would get through DM’s constantly and now that I have created this space (my website), I think its high time I compiled a LIST of the questions I’m always asked and the answers I always give! How very Capricorn of me 😊

If you watched my VERY FIRST IGTV video you saw that I quickly answered the top two most common questions I get, but for the sake of double checking I’ll start my list from the top- you’re welcome.

  1. “How do you know which Tarot deck to start with”

 Some people will insist that you need to be gifted your first tarot deck while others will insist that you must respect your elders and learn from the OG Rider-Waite deck (after all its been hanging out since 1910). The truth is whether you’ve purchased your own deck to start or you can’t stand the basic-ness of Rider-Waite its YOUR choice that matters. How you connect with the cards is what you should think about. Ask yourself: “can I easily understand what each card means just by looking at the pictures?”. I say this because there are SO many visually pleasing, interesting, and unique tarot decks out now it can be difficult to pick… but can you really tell what a King of Wands is supposed to stand for when the card has some a-symmetrical lines and oddly placed blobs? Like, yeah, I get it ARTSY AF! But what you really want when looking to truly understand and remember the tarot, is a deck that offers beautiful, yet easy to read pictures. Once you have memorized or connected enough to each card then you can move on to more challenging/modern decks. I was gifted my first Tarot deck; however, it was my choice (thanks amazon wish-list). I wasn’t moved by the pictures of the Rider-Waite, but I know I am a visual learner and I needed something traditional enough. I found that the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck was a perfect match for me. The images are traditional but, in my opinion more visually pleasing than the good ol RW. Another good traditional, but different option is the Morgan Greer tarot deck. The truth is there isn’t a right or wrong way of doing this- my suggestion is to research some traditional-esque decks when starting out. I promise this will make it easier to learn quickly and it’s only a matter of time before you are fluently using that ultra-unique-sups-current-hip-AF-deck of your witchy dreams!

  1. “How do you get your pictures to look like that?”

This is a question I get a lot even though I’m not too sure why… I feel like my pictures look like most people’s pictures- but I’ll share the few tricks I’ve learned along the way. The first being the all mighty RING LIGHT!!! I seriously think anyone who makes videos or takes lots of pictures should own one… so basically EVERYONE should own one! I use mine when I make my paid-for tarot readings, when I’m shooting content for my website, and when I’m capturing images for my IG account. The reason the ring light is so great is because it holds the camera steady and in place, it has a light that features different settings and modes and makes everything look 10 times better, and I can easily heighten or shorten the tri-pod legs for whatever surface I’m working on. Unless you are shooting outdoors during optimal sunlight hours the light on most pictures tend to be less-than perfect. With the ring light its not even a problem you have to think about. It’s not just for selfies, even when I’m taking pictures of my tarot cards or my crystal’s I use my ring light because it’s helpful in every way possible. Let’s be clear though… the selfies taken with a ring light are 100% better (as I showed you on my IGTV video!). The light makes any “imperfection” practically invisible and there’s the adjustment feature! The only other “secret” I have is the editing option on my iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, I’m sure you have something similar on your phone, you just have to know where to find it. Once I have a picture taken, I usually like to adjust things to make the image even more vibrant. I open the picture and at the top right-hand side it has an “edit” option. Once you click on that you can play around with the lighting, color, and contrast easily. After using it often you will get a feel for how you like your images to look and having most of your content look similar is key to the whole “consistency is best” rule for IG. Some people use pre-set filters and that’s cool, I just don’t have them and haven’t really investigated any that I would feel comfortable recommending. If I ever do buy-in to all that I’ll be sure to share.

  1. “How/when/who inspired you to learn Tarot”?

Yes, I’m combining all these because I must admit, not putting this as number two on the list is KILLING me! I like things to be cohesive and have order. Having this here feels like I’m back-tracking… however, this is the order of questions I get so I shall stay true to that. I have been interested in tarot ever since I got a random reading when I was about 20 years old. I’ve always been into astrology, zodiac, and anything metaphysical in nature. I went through a rough time a few years back trying to “find myself” and wanted to be more authentic to who I am rather than who everyone else said I should be. During this process I was gifted my first Tarot Deck (shout out to Liz!) and I became fascinated and obsessed with learning. I felt an immediate connection and was shocked at how effortlessly I was able to interpret the cards in different scenarios – even for others. The things that helped me the most were interesting books like “WTF is Tarot? And how do I do it” By Bakara Wintner. YouTube Tarot Channels like “EAT READ LOVE” with Sal Biadora, and “Nicholas Ashbaugh Intuitive”. The Instagram tarot community with inspiring accounts like @hermitsmirror, @bigempressenergy, @mantis_tarot, (if you aren’t following these accounts yet are you EVEN interested in tarot?!) and this is just to name a few- you can easily get sucked into the rabbit hole of awesome accounts that enjoy the same things you do.  Last but certainly not least friends and family who allowed me to practice on them. I cannot stress enough the importance of self-confidence when it comes to reading for others. If you are confident in your abilities the rest works out easily.

  1. “Do you have to know astrology to learn tarot?”

The short (wrong) answer to this is “no” because you can learn the major and minor arcana without knowing a whole bunch about astrology and relying mainly on memory. The better (right) answer is YES and here’s why…

Astrology plays a major role in the interpretation of the tarot. The major arcana is a set of 22 cards that represent your life’s journey or your soul’s progression to enlightenment. Each of these significant cards are directly linked to the zodiac signs, elements, planets, and numerology. The minor arcana is a set of 56 cards that represent everyday life lessons, challenges to overcome, and our free will. These cards are “controlled” by elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth, which in turn make the zodiac (star signs) key players. Personally, knowing about astrology has helped me significantly in reading the tarot. I use my knowledge of ancient elements, the seven sacred planets, and star signs to help me pick up on energies and important meanings of each card. There is a wonderful blog I will link for you where Richard Palmer has mapped out everything you would need to know or at least associate when it comes to the relationship between Astrology and Tarot. I recommend checking it out even if you are familiar with both. Something else that I swear by is the bible of Astrology : The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, the title ain’t lying! This book has it all.

If you have any further questions about the topics I’ve posted so far, or, if you have a burning question to ask that I didn’t address here please feel free to shoot me an email, comment on this post, or slllliiidddeeeee into my DM’s over on my insta account @mizmagick

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