What the hell is going on with Cancer Season, The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, and taking advantage of YOUR next power move!

I’m sure anyone who is remotely interested in astrology knows that we are amid eclipse season, retrograde season and… cAnCeR sEaSoN! I thought I’d take the time to explain these energies and highlight that beginning tomorrow we will experience a Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse in the Sign of Capricorn. To preface this as easily as I can- THIS IS A LOT OF POTENT ENERGY!!! Powerful, to say the least.

Let’s start by breaking down these combinations and looking at how this will affect you throughout the next couple of days/weeks. Cancer and Capricorn are exact opposites. Parents of the zodiac if you will… Cancer being the “watery-healing-mother” and Capricorn being the “earthy-responsible-father”. Basically, what one sign lacks the other makes up for.

With the sun in Cancer you are being guided to the divine feminine. Helping to heal yourself and most likely emphasizing heavy emotions you might otherwise push aside. Therefore, we tend to FEEL so much during this season. For many signs this can be exhausting as if we are swimming against the current. Depending on your placements (for example if you are heavy fire & earth) this can become a game of “sink or swim” trying to figure out when it’s best to “go with the flow” and “ride the wave”  or when to simply give in and literally DROWN in our emotions. For water signs (especially cancer the real MVP) ya’ll have got this down pat. Admittedly we could all benefit from some deep emotional reflection every now and then. Even if this isn’t the most comfortable season to live in, it’s like when you have a really ugly cry- you hate it at the moment with your puffy bloodshot eyes, tears streaming down your face, snot dripping from your swollen red nose – BUT you know after you’ve gotten all that shit out, whipped your tears, blow your nose 20 times (because damn that’s a lot of snot), and take a deep breath to sing the lyrics to Christina Aguilera’s hit single “Beautiful”,  you’re going to feel so much better  (wink, wink, this is why Leo season comes next).

 Now with Saturn the planet of limitations/restrictions, Pluto the planet of subconsciousness/death and rebirth, and the moon- how you feel your emotions, all in the sign of Capricorn- it is likely we will be experiencing deep release both personally and collectively. As stated in elite daily “Capricorn is the last earth sign in the zodiac therefore it’s the perfect hybrid of Taurus’ “slow and steady wins the race” mentality and Virgo’s brilliant precision”. Capricorn says, “shut up lil bitch it’s time to be more practical with our emotions and persistent with our goals”.  With this type of energy being dominant in the cosmos and adding into the mix the balancing act of the Cancer Sun, we are headed for some deep emotional realizations that will shed light (see what I did there? the Sun… Shed light) on some deliberate changes we must make in order to restructure our lives. Keep in mind the traditional meanings of the Full Moon representing “completion” and the Lunar Eclipse representing letting go. It really does make perfect sense!

In order to make the best use of this energy we must first embrace and nurture our emotions like a true cancerian would. Once we know what triggers us on the deeper level, we can then start putting a well-organized, precisely thought out plan into motion like only a Capricorn can do. During the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse really detail what needs to change- what cycles are over for you? Its time to level up and move on to greener pastures.

With intention and motivation anything is possible! Let’s use this cosmic combo to our advantage like a power slide turbo boost in Mario Kart 8. Not a fan? Okay… the point is there’s an opportunity to move ahead quickly, with the right factors in place you’ll be on to your next adventure in no time!   

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